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Great place to work

This is a fantastic company. I love the culture and the work I do. The managers are very hands off and let us do our work. The 401K plan is amazing and the pay is good
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Great place to work.

No joke, the best company I have ever worked for. I just wish COLA raises kept up with inflation. They are super supportive of drilling reservists and will even accept tricare outside the company benefits package.
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Very professional environment. People are kind and helpful.

I loved working at SAIC and would love to work there again. I was young when I worked there and I didn’t fully appreciate the level of professionalism that was being used. Now, that I’ve worked at other environments SAIC sticks out as an example of. Well run large business.


Professional Environment


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Laid Back, Friendly, Experience Gaining

Pros: SAIC is a great place to work. While it’s a large company, you work very closely with your team and become very familiar with your team and the members within the train. The benefits offered here are the best benefits I have ever received. You have flexible work hours and are able to work from home. Generous PTO. Cons: They don’t like to promote from within and they love those with education (multiple bachelors degrees or having a masters), even if it means they don’t know how to do the job at hand.
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Good stability, average pay

Good overall environment with very intelligent people. Stable job environments but pay is a little lower than you'd find in faster paced commercial roles.
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There were various opportunities throughout the entire company.

Our workdays were generally organized. We knew what our tasks were for the day, if we needed assistance or more information it was there for the asking.


Great benefits


I have seen supervisors take out their bad moods on employees which is never appropriate.
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Overall good company

Stable position but as a contractor not much room for promotion unless you leave for other contracts that open up. Benefits are solid and competitive.
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Intuitive, Creative and Productive fun environment!

SAIC has provided me with impeccable experience that I will always be able to further build on. The work life here is amazing with lots of flexibility and understanding of individual diverse lives. The compensation and benefits are a very liveable package with multiple retirement accounts associated. Long term growth is something you can expect at a place like SAIC along with many great and complex challenges that makes it all worth it. You meet great, smart and friendly people to work with. Overall, I say it's a great place to work. SAIC provides resources to support the lives of their employees! Plus each and everyday, SAIC employees work hard to make a difference for our nations electronic defense equipment used in the Air Force and The Navy.
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Very low pay and overwork

Very low pay and they over work you…. Why am I getting 50k to be an entry level grc analyst.. If I had the experience I wouldn’t never work here but since cyber security is such a gatekept field I had no other choice
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Very supportive. I was on a cleared govt contract

Not a lot of direction although no shortage of ideas. Supply chain fiasco becuase of Covid19. Great benefits great people but I had to literally find tasks to do due to lack of management defined roles and positions. Plenty of training and they pay for certification
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Be Careful and don't feel will be laid off for no apparent reason!

SAIC does not care about employees once the contract is over. It's all about the revenue for them and they do not even try to place you at any other open jobs.
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Interacting with the military base in Natick

It was a great working experience and environment. Management was extremely helpful. Great people. Lunch time was a big deal. I worked in Newton the office was beautiful.
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The software developer supporting government contracts are essentially what a typical developer job supporting government contracts would be expected to be. Standard pro and cons.
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Good job and I have great managers!

It is defense contract work so there is that. Overall it is a decent company to work with. I like the every other Friday off regardless of week it falls on. That equally to 26 extra days off! The work is challenging enough.
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Amazing work environment and management.

This company not only does amazing things to help ensure that the DOD is taken care of and helps the DOD excel in technology, they ensure that the company also takes care of its employees. It was easy to work with management. Hands down the best management team I have ever worked with. They ensured your safety, and encouraged your abilities and found ways to help out your weaknesses in a caring and loving way. I would very much like to work with SAIC in the future.
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Absolute mismanaged dead-end

It has been quite some time since I've been a part of an absolutely horrible situation and I think this one takes the top runner as the "career smear" on the resume. There was absolute zero support from your "manager" and for this person to even have that title is a joke in and of itself. If you are not part of the "good ol' boys club", they will run you off as quick as they bring you on-board.




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Hung out to dry...

SAIC does not care about employees once the contract is over or you are removed (replaced with a GS direct) the client thinks SAIC is too expensive. It's all about the revenue for them and they do not even try to place you at any other open jobs.
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A good opportunity

Is a great company overall to work for. Individual experience will vary from contract to contract and team to team. Overall though, they do their best to keep you busy, and when contracts change, they do everything they can to help you find an open position in another.
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Good place to grow and learn.

Good sites for contacting work. Able to form and maintain professional relationships and there was room for growth and learning.Could rely on renewal of contract each year, job stability.


Longevity opportunity and promotion


Long commute
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Remarakbly powerful workplace politics

If you're an engineer at SAIC prepare to also be a politician. The office politics of people fighting for lead roles is detrimental to the entire programs operation. Seniors will throw junior devs clean under the bus to protect and elevate their own careers and this is coming from a senior. It's certainly a good ol boys club. With that being said if you're unremarkable and have a pulse they will hire you. If you never ask questions you can expect a comfortable well paid 20 year career.
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