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Excelente empresa para laborar.

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Mi periodo de tiempo caducó y seguire en busca de otras alternativas sobre todo en el campo laboral.
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Good. Pay and benefits

Very good place to work care about the employees safety is always 1st good benefits good pay free lunches 12 hours rotating shift with 7 days off straight a month
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Unmatched pay & benefits

Both the QC and R&I hourly workers are part of the UAW, with pay starting at $26.10/hr at the lowest. Day one benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance and a 9% 401(k) match. Many of the leaders in Quality have 40+ years of experience and are passionate about the work they do.
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Bonne ambiance de travail

Bonne ambiance dans les service mais beaucoup de pression sur les résultats
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Great pay

Good place to work. Great pay and benefits. Downside is working rotating shift. Potential to have 14 days off a month as long as the other employees don't call off.
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Poor management, one of the most unorganized places I’ve ever worked. Unless you’re a friend of upper management don’t expect to go far. Forced to work a lot of Overtime because proper planning is non-existent! Horrible morale/atmosphere to work in! Would definitely NOT recommend!!
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Belle expérience

Une expérience très riche d'enseignement, et culturelle mentale parlant. De nombreux contacts à l'international, le groupe est très présent dans le monde ! Utilisation de l'anglais au quotidien.Entreprise bien outillé : SAP Fi, Concur, etc.
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Nice people, stable company

I was on a contract basics, I really enjoy the culture of the company. The employees and management in general were very professional and a pleasure to work with.
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Transformation interne amateur

Le salaire est intéressant ainsi que l'environnement international. Les transformations sont brutales (ex: licenciement dans l’it et digital) et dénuées de sens dans secteur ou les competences sont en tensions. Aucune ambiance sur les sites où j'étais. Depuis le covid c'est triste. Je souhaite à mes anciens collègues que ça change, ou de trouver mieux ailleurs.
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Flexible work schedule w/ great benefits

Great benefits and flexible working schedule if you work in any department other than production and process engineering. Formalized training program w/ certification for new hires would be beneficial. Nice place to work with nice people. Current manager really advocates for her team's work-life balance. I would recommend Solvay as an employer.
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Worst Management I’ve ever experienced

This place has more downs than ups. The upper management sucks and don’t try to hide it. They will work you til you can’t walk. More OT than you could ever imagine. They say go and expect you to do so without direction. It’s a family atmosphere here, but if they don’t like you it’s over 2 or 3 month maximum. Need new site manager and other people. People think they are the site manager and not even close. If you want to last here, don’t say nothing and keep it pushing
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It's a good workplace where you can learn a lot. It's a little bit stressful, so it' important to be ready to work in a high demanding environment.
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Great place

I have been here for about a year now and feel like I am part of the family culture they encourage and embrace. I enjoy my job here and hope to continue with them for the foreseeable future
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environnement de travail agréable. pas de stress. formation a la hauteur.

bonne ambiance malgré le fait que les salariés n'arrêtent pas de se plaindre. formation de qualité et salaire intéressant.




salariés en cdi qui n'arrête pas de se plaindre
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Fun Sometimes | Not Fun Sometimes

Its been a good place to work. Not great, not bad, just kind of good. I like it most days, but its not optimal at all. I could go into all the details here, but no need to. The other reviews do a reasonably good job of explaining the issues - good and bad. I wish management would stop sending more surveys and spend some time reading and actionably responding to the ones they already sent. The response rate to those is low for a reason - no one is listening. Makes no sense to just keep asking. Attrition of key long time employees is getting high lately. They also stopped most activities that would make someone stop and say - "boy, I feel appreciated." For example - they do nothing for key work anniversaries anymore. They also cut most team building activities. One year giving a 20 dollar budget for a holiday lunch after asking everyone to take a paycut and go on furlough.The liberal agenda is also very strong - propagated mainly by the CEO and the head leadership in Europe
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Collection de contrats précaires

Au cours de mon passage chez Solvay, j'ai pu constaté une pratique honteuse : le recrutement presque exclusif avec des contrats précaires.En effet, tous les nouveaux arrvants étaient recrutés sous VIE ou CIP (Convention d'Insertion Professionnelle).Une fois ces contrats arrivés à terme, Solvay n'engage pas ces personnes mais recrute de nouveaux jeunes avec le même contrat pour le même poste.Aucune perspective d'avenir pour les jeunes et de la main d'oeuvre peu chère payée 800€ par mois et sans charges à payer pour Solvay.Le poste cependant a des tâches bien réelles et équivalentes à un vrai contrat.


Un bon équilibre entre vie profesionnelle et vie sociale


Exploitation de jeunes chercheurs d'emplois
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toujours apprendre pour notre sécurité et celle des autres et de l'entreprise


sécurité de l'emploi


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Alternance très formatrice

Alternance très formatrice, dans un environnement international stimulant. Les équipes sont proches et en général les employés aiment partager leur savoir
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Easy when the line is running well. Stressful when running poorly. Be prepared to be gossipped about. Word will travel quickly regarding your perceived ability.
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Best plant ive ever worked at!

If your looking for a job this is the place you want to be at. We have people that have been driving an hour away for years to work there so that in itself should tell you a lot. Solvay is considered a chemical plant but they make carbon fiber but there is a lot of chemicals you have to deal with. This is a 24/7 365 days plant so they no not shutdown for any holidays. 12 hr swing shifts. Excellent benefits! Ive worked at 3 other manufacturing jobs and this one has been the best yet!!!


7 days off once a month every month, benefits


Cold in the winter hot in the summer
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Great place to work

Great leadership and great colleagues. Very well structured company. Procedures are clear and followed. Management is open to discuss and there is always room for growth and promotion
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