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Acerca de The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company es una corporación multinacional con sede en Atlanta (Georgia), Estados Unidos dedicada a la elaboración de alimentos y bebidas. Su principal producto es la Coca-Cola, el refresco más consumido del mundo. Es una de las mayores corporaciones de Estados Unidos y una de las compañías que cotiza, con el código KO, como parte del índice – 
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Careers at The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company offers great careers with growth opportunities, exceptional benefits and the opportunity to be part of the world’s most recognized brands.  We are looking for top talent that has a passion for innovation and wants to be part of a world class organization.    Our agile workforce is critical to match the speed of ever-changing consumer tastes and buying habits. In order for Coca-Cola to remain relevant in a diverse and rapidly moving marketplace, our internal organization must be curious, empowered and innovative. The test-and-learn method has seen great success with Coca-Cola brands around the world. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar didn’t just happen in a single launch overnight, across all markets but was introduced in waves through different iterations, with launch learnings applied to each new market along the way. A direct result of this approach is that Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is now in more than 20 markets and has delivered double-digit growth. In addition to getting our new beverages to market at a more rapid pace, we encourage creativity and innovation within our company to further foster an entrepreneurial culture where employees and teams can learn and adjust quicker. The company is advancing a “make it happen” motto, empowering employees to take smart risks and own the outcomes, even celebrating innovative failures through Coca-Cola’s Global Innovation Awards. Additionally, Coca-Cola associates globally are being trained in agile practices from leaders who are implementing these principles to teams that have been formed to address strategic priorities. These best practices are being shared through digital tools and community events throughout the organization.

Growth Culture

Together we are creating the future of our industry by nurturing the world’s most iconic brands while building the new icons of the future. We believe that individuals are ingenious and that it is our job at The Coca-Cola Company to support and funnel our employee’s expertise and enthusiasm to propel our business to new levels of innovation. In essence, our goal is to embolden the power of our people to drive our brand growth through to the next century. Our growth culture drives how things are done - in short, it is our organization's personality - and it is shaped by how each one of us behaves, in what we do every day, how we approach our daily work, the decisions and choices we make, and the way we treat each other.

Growth Behaviors


The Coca-Cola Community is comprised of a vibrant, diverse tapestry of people who are great at what we do and passionate about why we are doing it. We are able to convert this passion into significant and meaningful differences for ourselves, our company, and our world. Diversity is celebrated within our organization and our Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) is comprised of 12 leaders from across our North America business. The MLC advises senior leaders on strategy, initiatives and goals to advance multicultural talent within our organization. We believe our company should be as diverse as the markets we serve and as inclusive as our family of brands. This diversity allows us to not only understand and connect to the needs of our consumers but also to continue to innovate in all we do. At Coca-Cola, you have the opportunity to work on teams with people who have different backgrounds and ideas - many who work in offices across the globe. We are all unified by our love for the Company and desire to add value and make a difference globally.

Gender-Equality at The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola was named to the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for our efforts and initiatives involving gender equality in the workplace. Our focus is making Coca-Cola a great place for people to be their best – to grow and feel valued, included and respected. Inclusion for all is important to us as a driver of our business and a key element of our values.
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