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If OTR and flatbed is what you're looking for TMC is the your best option home every weekend if that's what you want.

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TMC is a great place to work, it's never hard to get in touch with whoever you need when there's a problem. The safety protocols are second to none. Pay is fair, even though sometimes you get low paying loads for the most part loads pay good. But that's a part of trucking gotta take the good with the bad. Excellent training on load securement.


Good benefits, ESOP is probably the best in the industry, If you do you job they will take care of you.
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Good company

I got my CDL through TMC and they made sure I knew everything I needed to. And the trainer I had OTR was very informative and had been with the company 12 years.
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Nice place to work

Not a bad place to work…good environment nice benefits decent pay management can always be better but that’s any job would definitely recommend tho good guys
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Best job I've ever had and I'm 38

I worked there 5 years. Only left to make sure it's something I wanted to do for life. Also someone offered me a local job. Great company. They really have things figured out l.
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Nice equipment and hometime

They have nice trucks and nice terminals and get you home every week the loads don’t pay that well from my experience so far only had one week where I grossed $1700
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Learned a lot but no advancement

Liked the company but needed something with more options for growth. I would have stayed with the company if I was offered more money and had a hybrid plan in place.
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Great place to train.

Overall it was a good learning experience when I worked there. Pay is great at the beginning as they give newer line haul guys and gals their best paying loads to meet their promised weekly minimum. Had and accident on the job and was hospitalized and down some time after and they were absolutely awesome about taking care of me and my family during those hard times and making sure I came back after, they truly cared about their employees during my time there.
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Family Oriented

I enjoy working for TMC Transportation. They care about my work life balance. They also provide me with an ESOP. The leadership are extremely upfront.
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Great place to work

It is a great place and they are very straight forward. No false advertising. If you need your CDL or just got one come to TMC. Great money and home every weekend.
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nothing good to say about them

don't work here very raciest employees and hr does nothing about it and you get let go if you talk to hr even when retaliation is against policy this was the worst job i have ever had
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Won’t get rich here but….

If you’re new to trucking don’t expect to get rich right away. There are alot of different factors that affect your pay here! Depending on where you stay and how long you stay out has a major impact on your pay. TMC does try to get you home every week for a trucker weekend. Don’t expect 2 full days off. Be flexible, learn the job and you can gross 100k as a company driver.
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Great starter company

Tmc is a great starter company. Get your feet wet in flatbed and GO!! Know your worth. They will show how to do flatbed right, no doubt, but know your worth when it comes to money. Nice equipment and all, but just be careful, keep your record clean and you will make it. But overall was a good company to gain experience
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Milling students for $4,000

The trainers are great but don't let it fool you. The guys in the office will treat you like you are not worthy of the company title. Most of them have even quit themselves and come back just because they miss power triping.
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Fun and productive

Good place to work. They are family oriented and the company has a very good structure. Management is laid back and friendly. Fast paced and exciting place to work.
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Family orientated I have fun working here

Great place to work the pay is good the benefits are good the people are great people to work with and I mostly have fun at work it's a good place to come to work and feel good about yourself the people very respectful and decent people to work with marriage is a good I have no complaints so far
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Good company for a new driver

Definitely depends on your dispatcher, in if y’all on good terms, it’s good money but home time. Trucks has no power in torque to many trailer swaps in a lot of tarping
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Not a bad starter flatbed company

No bad feelings for TMC, just didn’t want to be OTR and then the dedicated account I was on was a mess. But they got me home every Friday and left every Sunday. Not a bad starter flatbed company for experience
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It’s a decent place to learn how to secure a flatbed load.

Not a terrible company at all, unless you give them a 2 week notice. Learned a lot about driving and managing time. Though they promote family oriented materials, like sending the kids cards on their birthdays, when I had a sudden death in the family they pressured me to leave the burial and get in the truck immediately. Not a fan of that approach.


Lots of road time.


Terrible management.
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Good experiences terrible home time

It's a good job you just get burnt out and realize there's more to life than being on these roads. I'm reality they do their best to get you home for the weekend, but 34-40 hours of home time just isn't enough.
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Not for the light hearted

Your gonna work all day, wether you are in sb or not. It’s a job that takes some getting hang of. Downsides are that if you have 1 day of being held up at shipper or cons you will end up driving at night. For at least 3 days if you don’t get a load that doesn’t go very far. Be prepared to work and get a decent paycheck while doing it.
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Great starter company.

Great company and great ESOP incentive. Extremely nice trucks . Home weekends. Raise every year. Great training facilities. Great place to get your foot in the door with your CDL.


New nice trucks. Good home time.


Strict policy on truck washes. Lol
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