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Buen lugar de trabajo. muy buenos compañeros de trabajo se apende mucho a traves de entranamentos como se trabaja con niños
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Great job security and advancement potential

Glad I served in the Coast Guard. I had a stressful but rewarding job. As long as you have a good command that will support you, you will be fine.
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Great workplace

Fulfilling and exciting career. Ever changing work environment that keeps thing interesting. Invaluable training is offered that translates to the civilian sector.
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Low pay and to much time away

Benefits can’t be beat but the pay and time away just isn’t worth it. I would recommend one enlistment to get benefits but no more than that. Great people to work with.
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Great work and learning environment

Best job in the military hands down! The benefits of service in the Coast guard have life long effects and helped me in my career as a police office, homicide detective and lead hostage negotiator for over 15 years!
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Various experiences in various places

Benefits from the service are definitely earned. Sometimes benefits are not equal to what is required of you. Advancement can be slowed or stopped by thing outside of your control.
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Productive and rewarding

Great organization to be a part of. Very rewarding job serving the country in a variety of missions. Many different career paths to choose from with good pay and benefits.
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Good job

Wonderful place to work. I was able to learn a lot and gain a lot of experience in military and civilian life. I grew my interests and had a great supervisor.
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Challenging but rewarding

U.S. Coast Guard is one of the best organizations in the federal government and in the world. You will do pretty amazing things, help people, defend your country, work with some of the best people in this country has to offer and acquire incredible skill sets and experiences.


Rewarding and extremely interesting


Very demanding, slackers need not apply
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Use you up and discard you

The Coast Guard used to be member/family friendly with a strong sense of community and purpose. It has turned into the same shamelessly political and uncaring machine the other branches are now as well.As an aviator the program flight hours are all the really matter in the end. Safety and making a difference are secondary.
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Pay attention keep your ears open and mouth shut

It is a very rewarding experience to be a member of the United States Coast Guard even though I was never deployed to a war zone I did have duty North Treasure Island and Astoria Oregon and a pier in downtown Seattle my duty was rather very boring I did man a broom and a mop most of my service time the Coast Guard had made me to be a very good Janitor and Dishwasher
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Coast Guard Aviation MH-65

Hours can be long, the conditions uncomfortable, and work is not always easy. That said, very few things are as rewarding as knowing your efforts keep the public and aircrew safe.
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Productive team

It was cool, lots of work but plenty of.time for fun and good work life balance at some units. Lots of good and bad leadership but that's everywhere. Worth it in the end
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Rewarding missions and diversity

Great place to work with just as great individuals. Plenty of perks. Travel and experience. Plenty of fields of occupations that easily translate to civilian occupations.
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Best branch

The Coast Guard is the best branch to work for if you want a more work lofe balance but dont or cant join the Air Force. You will probably end up on a ship at some point so get ready for that but you go to cool ports and places.
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Your job is your life

The Coast Guard does have a lot of awesome opportunities and you will work with some awesome people. Your coworkers will be your friends outside of work too. There is some highschool-ish drama but you will get to travel all over for duty stations and schools. I would recommend it to anyone who can handle stress, and can get along with others.
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Great job when you're young

The coast guard is a great way to get a head start on life. The benefits are great and you get to travel and learn a skill. I would do it all over again if I could.
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Great Place to grow, learn and develop life skills and more

Absolutely a must for everyone coming out of high school. As an officer or enlisted member, you will gain valuable life skills, leadership skills and a sense of accomplishment in being "Always Ready."
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Support of Co-workers

My years working at the Coast Guard were some of the best years of my life.The rotation of management was much needed. It helped with building character for all staff and employees.




Military were more apt to get promoted at a time of confusion or discord.
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Fun Workplace

Great supervision concerned about your well-being. Great pay, hour and opportunities. Benefits are awesome. Retirement and TSP package. Definitely a great career.
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Great place to volunteer, amazing people that will help you succeed. I enjoyed my time volunteer there and got to meet amazing people with different backgrounds and cultures
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