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Great benefits, lot of good people to work with, high sense of accomplishment at work, healthy company culture.

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The job provides opportunity for advancement, encourages teamwork, promotes high work culture with sense of accomplishment for organization mission. The corporate headquarters set good examples for employees to follow. Leadership cares for the well-being of the employee .


Rewards recognition, cash incentives


Too much relying on computer technology
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Your average government job

Solid benefits, leave, and stability makes for a solid job. However, like with all government, pay is on the low side, you have to go through lots of bureaucratic red tape to do anything, and there isn't much of any structure for incorporating new hires so your experience will vary wildly based on what team you end up with. Federal employee union basically ensures your job stability but similarly also ensures that raises are prioritized on those with seniority meaning you can go awhile without getting a raise even as your responsibilities pile up. Flip side of the great job stability is that you end up with a lot of less-than-useful people who can't be fired and don't really do much.
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Great Experience.

Saw the world and had opportunity for paid college. The Navy is what you make of it. There is free training and lifetime benefits. You will have to look for opportunities, but they are everywhere and extend beyond your given rate.
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It’s what you make of it

Has its ups and downs. It really varies depending on your chain of command, location and rate. Choose your rate, choose your fate. The benefits are great though.
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I enjoyed my time as a Navy civilian.

My Management team was great but the highest levels of management did not like making decisions that would be disliked in a security security sense. Rarely did I have a day that had to run longer than 9 hours required for a compressed work schedule. If I did not relocate out of state I would still be there.
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Not Bad

Not bad. Not the greatest ever though. It is definitely more of what you make it. It can be a great place to work. It can also be draining. Just make sure you have the drive to keep it interesting.
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Everything is dependent on leadership

The experience you have in the navy will be dependent on if your leadership/management is organized or good. It can feel like you're flipping a coin on whether you end up with good or bad.
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Good if you want stability and not much else

If you are in the right position and around the right people, you can do cool work. However, no matter where or who you are, you are subject to the most inane trainings, meetings, policies, etc. Sometimes it's soul sucking. In addition, the goodwill you build up as a "good employee" may or may not actually follow you as managers and policies change around you. I would recommend this type of work for someone who wants to be settled down and very stable and can put up with a lot of BS. I would not recommend this type of work for young people who have a lot of energy and curiosity. I would especially not recommend federal work for anyone with a reason not to take the COVID-19 vaccine. If you choose not to comply with a policy like that, your career will be intentionally stalled to make an example of you. The tack the government has taken against their loyal employees is shameful.
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It is the military

You will learn a trade and will have excellent benefits but will work hours in order to accomplish the mission.Pros: Benefits, A sense of Purpose, ComraderieCons: Unable to quit from military service, separation from love ones


Benefits, A sense of Purpose, Comraderie


Unable to quit from military service, separation from love ones
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People leaving toxic work environment and unqualified management

Chemistry department is one of the worst departments here. Senior leaders don’t value hard work and merit. Promotion here is based on a protected class to fulfill a quota and avoid perception on inequality. No support from management here. Office politics runs rampant here.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at U.S. Navy, Engineering Dept. USS Vella Gulf?Horizontal environment. SES to support staff is treated valuable. Caring supervisors who want to see you succeed. What is the most stressful part about working at U S Department of Navy?Very little. I had a great work life balance and felt very supported.
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Fast paced work environment. Only hard workers need apply.

Working for the US Navy brings with it demanding assignments and recognition for good work. Selection for positions is competitive. You must be willing to travel worldwide so this is not for everyone.
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Great work life balance

We do a lot of rewarding work and there is a sense satisfaction when the goal is not strictly for profit but the benefit of the country. The $$$ compensation could be better.


great benefits


pay is good but not great
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Good Pay with Benefits

Well funded and recession-proof. Excellent healthcare with dental and 401K benefits. Each member has his/her own experience, but today's Navy is a wonderful place to work.
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Work isn't too difficult. Great work life balance.

Pretty low stress. Difficult to advance. Very slow at times. Benefits are good, especially as you stay longer and the annual leave you get increases per pay period and you are able to carry over personal leave into the next year.
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Excellent benefits, flexibility, occasionally boring

Benefits and work flexibility with respect to hours is incredibly flexible. I have never experienced anything like it before. Pension if you stay long enough, along with ~5% match for TSP (like a 401k or 403b).Downsides are mainly that you may get stuck with a role that is boring at times. I think the great support from management, the flexibility, and the compensation make up for that though.


Flexible hours, pay, retirement benefits


Contractors do most of the interesting work
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Good and so-so

Good is steady paycheck, so-so is skills learn not transferable to private sector, I know how to do every job in a hospital but not qualified to do any
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Have been very happy with my time in the navy and feel that the life lessons and experiences are extremely valuable. I think that the benefits are undervalued.
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Not for everyone, research and get a guaranteed rating before signing anything.

I had about 14 great years mixed between active duty and reserve time. I had 4 not so great years d/t leadership and duty locales. Got out as a genuine chief after 18 yrs and had had enough. If you want to see the world, please join and I hope you fall under a good command. My favorite station was Souda Bay, Greece. You can be anything, do anything, go worldwide, unlimited opportunities for advancement and education; but you have to seek out the opportunities to cross rate, get schooling, get certifications, acquire as many collateral duties as possible (esp cfl or career counselor) etc. You manage your own career in the Navy and opportunities are limitless if you don’t mind never really having a permanent home.
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Federal job security but trapped in the past.

The benefits (health, life, retirement) are fantastic and job security is a lock (you literally cannot be fired for incompetence). But I write console applications in dead languages for dead operating systems. I have never written a web application and haven't come near a microservice framework or container.We do important work, but we are bogged down by old system architectures that force us to use compatible (old) technologies to do it.We were informed last year that we would be able to work from home up to 80% of the time. Then on 30 Jan, we were abruptly told to come back to the office in 29 days, and nobody was getting more than 40% telework, no matter the situation or how well we were able to do our jobs the previous two years. We have no say in the matter.
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Great coworkers, low work at times

Pretty good job. Sometimes dont have as much work to do as I’d like but okay for what it is. Pretty good job security and absolutely love the people i work with but not always that way at different locations.
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