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me gusta la cocina asi que trabajaba muy agusto , sobretodo lo que realizaba el trabajado de camarera ( servir las mesas) y de vez en cuando ayudaba en cocina cuando hacia falta.
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The USMC is what you make it and what you take from it.

Days vary ,some days consist of waiting for work to come up some days you will be swamped with work overall its a great place where the pros outweigh the cons.
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Not for everyone, but could be a great fit

The Marine Corps culture, treatment of Marines, and promotion structure makes it a difficult and trying place for some to thrive. Depending on the type of person you are and the units and specific shops you get assigned to as well as your MOS it can be an easy and even enjoyable experience or it can be H.E. double hockey sticks on Earth.
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LOL don't do it

Seriously, either join another branch or don't join at all. The culture is toxic, there are no supports, and they only promote those who should probably never have made it through bootcamp.
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Not bad

It is a really good job. First year you keep your head down and do your time and then can lighten up after that. Some people will test boundaries but it's up tp you whether you stand your ground or not. Overall it's a good place to work.
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Virtually Every Good Thing...

...which happened in my life can be directly tied to what I learned in the Marine Corps- and not only in relation to commissioned service but even the time spent in OCS.Like most any organization, there are some of the most intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, inspirational, exemplary people in the world. And then, some (a very few) fall through the cracks and can make you miserable.You get out of it exactly what you put in to it.


Incomparable character development


Occasional internecine warfare
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It was a great opportunity to be apart of the world's best fighting force. I enjoyed the full 8 years I had stayed. Be careful because nowadays it's full ego maniacs who never deploy.
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The United States Marine Corps is the ultimate fighting force with endless opportunities for self improvement. You really get out what you put in. Semper Fi
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Semper Fidelis

I loved it as much as I hated it... alot. Military life is like living on a someone else's schedule and everyone is angry. Work hard good things happen party too hard bad things happen. The United States marine corps is the proudest moments of my life also some of my greatest regrets. It taught me so much I only wish I could go back
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Productive and fast paced

Great place to work in a challenging environment to better yourself. On the other side it gives you so much stress so a good with the bad situation. Think twice before doing. But I'll have say I have no regrets.
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Hard and grueling, but one of the best jobs in my opinion

Being in the US. Marine Corps infantry has lots of downsides, but there are some upsides as well. You need to have a strong mentality for this line of work but if you can cope with the stress and enjoy physical outdoor work then this could be a great fit for you.
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Pay not enough for all the extra we do

Pay not enough for all the extra we do. There is some time you will not be with your family. Working hours are crazy, you go to work when is dark and you go home when is dark.
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If you like hard work with little to no fun, respect, or morale while 21-24-year-olds make you do all the work, then this is the place for you, 0341, would do it again.
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Great organization to work at!

I’ve really enjoyed working with Marines. Leadership really does their all to ensure Marines are taking care of. If you’re looking for an opportunity to advance, learn, and lead. This is the perfect institution to join.
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Solid institution

Sign up and find out. Everything depends on unit and you direct leadership. Your future after the Corps is up to you. Make connections while you’re in and you should be fine. Learn and hone your craft early so you can identify your career path and make decisions. Lat moving is always an option as. Long as you stay out of trouble and remain proficient at your MOS. I have witness many Marines get out after four years and find employment. Most stay in the same job field and others change course completely.
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Its the military

Its the military you get what you put in. It can suck, it can be great, dont be a skater and you will do great. Do what you are told and when too and youll make it.




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Hard Work, Best job security possible.

Talk to a recruiter they will tell you everything you want to know. Benefits in all branches are the same and other branches have easier standards. Benefits when you get out make it worth the suffer.


Job Security


Work, other cons depend on unit.
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Very good experience. I really enjoyed my time in the Marines. They challenged me, taught how to be tough and adapt and overcome a lot of situations.
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Grunt life

Best base on the east coast as well as having beach access on base so not as crowded. Theres tons of things to see and do within the surrounding area and cities.
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Horrible environment

Low pay for the amount of work you do. Horrible management people have way too much control over life and can make life way harder for you if they don’t like you.
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The brotherhood is the main attraction to the Marines. It is a great place for young men and women to go and serve their country. A lot of benefits to joining so don't just focus on the cons.
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