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Excelente ambiente laboral

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Realice vuelos de soporte en apoyo a la flota Asistente al responsable de la prevencion de accidentes en la base naval donde trabaje.
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Must be willing to be part of a team

From the start being a team player has been a major roll in being successful. Very few tasks are accomplished as a single individual. The amount of different job types and skills that each person brings to the table are almost endless.Zero prior experience is necessary, all you need is a willingness to learn whatever job (rating) that you choose.
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Good traveling

Its a great job to have when it comes to advancement and meeting new people. The culture changes constantly with new chain of commands. Overall it was fun and a great time while out to sea.
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The people

The people you work with can really effect your overall view of the organization as a whole. In my time I had bad, good and great leadership but the bad effected me and my career more than the good. But I am thankful to all the good people I served and worked with.
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can be great for some

great place to start life after high school and gain experience. I personally wouldn't do a full career but for some its right up their ally if you enjoy all the benefits.
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Not worth it

It’s not worth it. Power hungry leaders. Duty section. You don’t feel like a human. Get used to not seeing land and being stuck on a ship for months on end having 16 hour shifts.
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Good for the benefits and sense of purpose.

Hard work but it’s the military so what do you expect? Lots of under ways which is good for saving money. Some leadership don’t care about their subordinates.
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Opportunity to serve one’s country and potential to learn a good trade.

The Navy and military in general is a good place to start one’s career. There are many opportunities but they are sometimes elusive. A mentor helps. Get as much training as they give, always keep in mind one’s tour of duty is temporary.Watch the leadership, sometimes one gets lucky with good leadership and other times not so much. Unfortunately many times I had to keep my head up and my mouth shut. In the end we move on from any leadership challenges we have, take them all as opportunities to learn.
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Do not recommend ,leader ship doesn't care about you, no one cares about you, you get to stand 5-8 hours of watch and then get off watch and have someone tell you that they don't care if you eat breakfast or not cause they want you to get to work while they sit in the mess and drink coffee for an extra 45 minutes while you "clean".


Can't be fired


Everything else
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Not a fan

Advancement is terrible. Location, leadership, quality of work life, its all a gamble. If you join, just roll the dice and hope it all works out. 0/10 would not re-enlist.


free education, health and dental care


some of the worst leadership ive experienced, incredibly bad health care treatment.
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Fun, but Taxing

Being in the Enlisted Navy is a fun job albeit the work-life balance can be terrible during deployment season. The benefits are pretty amazing (i.e. Free healthcare for your entire family and cost of living allowances) however the amount of time spent at work can be prohibitive to some types of people.


Benefits, Pay


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Great place to work to get a wide range of exposure

The workdays varied. Sometimes they have normal 8-hour days, but on occasions, they could be up to 10 hours. Working for the government does not pay well, but it allows you the opportunity to view several different industries.
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Unity Service Navigation

US Navy is extremely supportive to your growth and development. The Navy provides, unique opportunities that are not traditionally seen in the civilian work force. These opportunities include, but not limited to professional and personal development, training and certification and the opportunity lead and mentor. Your opportunities for advancement far exceeded any civilian workforce, your opportunities to experience travel abroad will provide you with experience you will cherish for a lifetime. You won’ become a millionaire, but you will receive a sense of fulfillment and at the end of time that’s more valuable than money. You don’t have to be great to serve, but you do have to serve to be great.
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Don't work here

Seriously do not sign up for the navybuou will regret like it did pay for my college don't get m from but it is just horrible if you have a family of pets
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It's different for each station you work at. Some are better than others. Most times though, most of the E-6 and above were doing the most just to look better for advancement rather than actually take care of their people. The benefits are nice. Easy access to medical and dental, although it's not great and often work against you. I'm glad I was in but I don't wish to go back.
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Good stepping stone for future

Terrible leadership and no team mentality. Low standards in every aspect. Promotion rates are low for my specific rate so I’m getting out to better my future. If the pay was doubled and the leadership replaced I would never leave.
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Know what you are signing up for

remain focused and do research. It is not a job it is a lifestyle. hours are long, unpredictable, promotion can be slow, pay and benefits are good. know you are joining a war time organization and will likely deploy
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Great way to figure out your path

Navy isn’t for everyone but it was great for me. Travel, vacation and hard work.I have traveled all over the world mostly paid for by my work! The really cool thing is you will meet people from all over.
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Great benefits, so so pay

Great stepping stone. But it will give you ceiling anxiety and depression in the long term. Not for everyone. You will excel here if your very tolerant of constant change in leadership, which comes with it's slew of problems


Great pay, great benefits


You won't come back home the same
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You know your place

You're not here for fun. If you don't feel like putting in the work, don't join. It's hard work, but it's rewarding to see the end results. the hardest part of the job is the stress. It gets to you. It breaks you down but it builds you in the process
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It’s the Military

Stress related but high octane not bad. It’s busy but I like it …… if you join sense of pride and maturity. From a boy to a man. And a little family.
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