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Que se mejore el ambiente laboral. Comenzando por escuchar al personal de "abajo"
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Learned A lot

It was a good place, no real pressure. We worked as a team and drivers worked with us in order to meet customer satisfaction. I really enjoyed working here.
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Productive work atmosphere

I actually enjoyed working at the UPS Store. The tough thing about working there in maneuvering around the store. It gets busy in there and there's a lot of pressure to get to the next customer as quickly as possible. I suggest paying attention to what you are doing is the best advice i can give. Dealing with upset customers in very stressful but being under the pressure you should know how to handle certain situations. Some can be very understanding and some can also be very subborn.


Good work experience


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Fast paced decent pay few hours

Working overnight, sometimes it can be a lot of work to be done in a short period of time 5-6 hours. During peak season which is from November to January it can be rewarding if you work most days
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Ups will tear you down

Little Rock hub, is a disaster. They think the only way to get things done are to yell manipulate and write people up without explaining how to do the job right. Then not giving a few days for the employee to fix the mistake before taking action. VERY unorganized. They do not care about work life balance.
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Hard work and very independent

No help, if you love independent heavy duty work then you would love thisManagement is greatEnvironment is what you expect from a packaging placeSafety is a top priority
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No recomendable

Aparte de que su contrato no se rige ante la ley te cambian de zona laboral sin aviso y de extremo a extremo de la ciudad
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Great Part Time Gig

They hold you accountable and you will earn your money with hard work but they take care of their part time people. Definitely a good company maintaining to work for!!
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Physically and mentally draining

Horrible hours, have to be up at 1 in the morning. You only get one 10 minute break in the whole 5-9 hour shifts. And horribly rude management. Your body will ache even after 2 months of working.
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Easy place to work at, just hard to form a good sleep schedule

Awesome place to work, supervisors and coworkers are nice, only downside no air conditioning so summer days are really hot but they do supply lots of water. Id go in, clock in, go to my truck on the line I usually worked at. I would split the packages on either side of a conveyer belt and then if a box passed by with my truck number Id put it in my truck as organized as you can be and theres also numbers to tell you which shelf in the truck it goes on. I would do that for 4 hours during the slower season and then finish up once the packages stopped coming down the belt. its very fast paced, sometimes overwhelming but very fun especially if you have dyslexia its definitely a challenge & also a very good work out. They basically pay you to work out. Pay could be better but they do promotions and raises all the time because its a union job which also has lots of perks. all in all a 8/10 job. Almost forgot, my manager barley talks to us which is a little weird but I know were all there for the same thing $$$


Free Water


No Breaks, No A/C !
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Cool place

I wish we were able to pick our position. I was seasonal amd understood I was going to be placed where needed. Pay was good during seasonal.
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Only There For the Benefits

Been there for 17 years, and the ONLY reason I stay are for the benefits. I work the pre-load hours, which is usually from 4am-to whenever we get done, which is typically around 8am. It’s a warehouse, so it’s freezing in the winter, and suffocatingly hot in the summer. Christmas time is absolutely chaotic, but the paychecks do make up for it. Management is not bad, depending on who it is. It can be physically demanding, even if you don’t load or unload trucks. If I can find a job with halfway decent benefits, I would definitely leave, but again, the benefits are just so hard to walk away from…
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Good busy place to work but not a fair brake time

Good place to work but to much to do at once got to load for trucks at once crazy and the brake think and just not fair at all ten minute brake no way
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Simple work

very easy job. good training. but low requirements for a supervisor position hence poor support from supervisors. at the time when i worked there everyone was promised a raise. certain positions received it but small sort was not one. such a big company, they don’t really care about individuals.
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Fun young employees but almost impossible to advance

Management employees stealing union work 24/7. Zero mgmt advancement opportunities (unless you have friends in high places). Pushing production without proper safety training.


Frat culture, a lot of goofing around


Very short breaks/lunches if allowed, horrible mgmt incapable of handling the most mundane of tasks
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Great Company

Great pay, benefits, along with retirement and 401k. The center supervisors can be a bit overwhelming but overall it’s a great place to work and to retire from.
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UPS promotes teamwork, creativity and a fantastic brand.

I am retired after 41 years at UPS. Great company to build a meaningful career with great people. As a Sales Manager, I was able to build and execute my strategy with my sales team. UPS provides an excellent training program through its Sales Academy.
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Long hours but rewarding

Had a great time as a driver's mate, get paid decent and work 9-10 hours a day but it's rewarding. Team work required, lifting isn't too heavy. Usually do same route every day




Long Hours
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Great place to work.

Very stable company with a lot of advancement opportunities. The work environment is good and the teamwork is great. The production levels are high but they are very attainable.
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Good workplace

Good workplace, can be tough especially if you’re not fast on your feet. If you’re looking for a way to work at night and have job security, this is definitely the way.
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Ok but can be Way Better

I like most of the people, but it can be lonely. Wish we could pick a partner to load the truck with. Or partners get assigned from a raffle bin or quick random picks unless partners want to work together.Trucks could use more ventilation. The hr should be more established the Supervisors are to busy to be expected to address every employees concern.Love the choice of being able to wear the clothing I desire and colors withing safety standards. That's a major for me when I feel I look good I work better.
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