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In America’s Navy, opportunity is everywhere. Make a living as a rescue swimmer. Spend your days launching jets off aircraft carriers. Turn your problem-solving skills into cyberwarfare expertise. Bring humanitarian relief to disaster victims. Wherever your passions lie, the most versatile branch of the military will forge your skills with state-of-the-art – 
Post 2018-2019 DeploymentLowering a Catapult into the flight deckStanding by for ammunition onloadHaze Grey and Underway!
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Navy Cryptologic Technician Technical – CTT

As a Cryptologic Technician Technical, you’re always watching our back. As our expert in radar surveillance, your primary mission is in missile defense. You provide tactical guidance to special warfare operations and to ships across the fleet. Use high-power jamming signals to deceive electronic sensors and prevent enemy attacks. And if it comes down to it, defend the fleet using combat equipment on board. As a CTT, you have permission to defend—by whatever means necessary. Learn more at

Navy Cryptologic Technician Interpretive – CTI

Some people spend their entire lives in the same corner of the world. As a Cryptologic Technician Interpretive, you are not one of them. You’re more than a linguist—you’re a cultural expert, able to translate and interpret foreign communications. Defense Language School will fully immerse you into the language for your choice—from Mandarin, to Spanish, to Arabic to Russian. After, you’ll travel the world collecting intelligence in support of the Navy. CTI’s know ignorance is dangerous. Your job is to ensure we are always in the know. Learn more at

Navy Cryptologic Technician Maintenance – CTM

As a Cryptologic Technician Maintenance, you’re one of the world’s greatest problem-solvers—troubleshooting top-secret equipment vital to national security. Take your passion for science and engineering to the next level by maintaining the Navy’s most sophisticated cryptologic systems. Install and repair physical security systems, electronic equipment, antennas and more. It’s your responsibility to keep our communication networks operational around the clock. Learn more at

Navy Cryptologic Warfare Officer – CWO

In this new age of warfare, Cryptologic Warfare Officers lead the charge. Attack, defend and exploit networks to capitalize on vulnerabilities in the information domain. Oversee enlisted Cryptologic Technicians and ensure they have everything they need to get the job done. Using thorough knowledge of sensors, weapons and military strategy, work with other military branches and three-letter agencies to strengthen and maintain our national cybersecurity. As a CWO, you’re carrying the weight of a nation on your shoulders. Learn more at