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Trabajar para Verizon fue una experiencia muy agradable en el tema de desarrollo de profesionalismo y adquisición de clientes. Me enseñó a ser un líder y manejar obstáculos con tranquilidad y determinación.
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Worst job ever

Bad management, very money hungry company. Very stressful job if u want gray hairs and bald spots come on down to Verizon where they literally treat you like a number.
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Nice place to work

There is decent pay and the coworkers are nice to work with. The only down side is that sometimes it can get very busy and some customers are rude but overall not too bad
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Productive and fun sometimes

It was a decent place to work somewhat fast paced but management was very frustrating at times. They did not like to see you succeed it felt like sometimes
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Terrible company

Stay far away from this company. Do not believe what they tell you as far as what you are going to make.I was told a bunch of different things only to make the least. I don’t know where to begin with this company besides I don’t care to type it out. Stay away trust me
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Fun competitive pay was very easy to get the job if you know what they're looking for. If sales are good you can advance quickly and they have uncapped commission so there is plenty of money to make.
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It's stressful but good, need to multitask

You need to meet some pretty high quotas. At the time they are increasing drastically by month for the same pay in commission. I would say, you should have some sales experience before coming into this role, and I'm not talking just retail. Management is great. Benefits are great. Training is plenty. Be prepared to work fast, and multitask. If you can handle that, Verizon might be right for you. They do treat their employees well.
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Great benefits and pay

Verizon offers excellent benefits and great pay for their employees. The knowledge you gain by working there is great. There is opportunityfor advancement especially if you have a goal in mind and you network. Work atmosphere is great and some positions allow remote work. My only con is the amount of layoffs. No matter what position, no one is 100% safe. My advice is to get in, have great performance reviews, have great attendance and learn all you can in case one day you are impacted.
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Cube farm..

typical cube farm environment, droning through the day. senior sales folks were always willing to help until you actually needed help and then they wouldnt assist because that meant it was less opportunities for them to make sales on what you couldnt. manager was a power hungry witch and got promoted strictly off her numbers and not her ability to lead.
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Overall great company to work for

Fun place to work, intetnal advancement available, great incentives and benefits. Annual performance incentives and wonderful company culture! LASTLY, the investment options are amazing.
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Great sales environment

Great pay to work. Pay USED to be competitive--with change comes new managers who have no clue how a day to day operation is run. Straight box checkers!! Goals and quota's change with no justification and harder to meet. Used to be a "family like" atmosphere--now--you are just a part of a # on a spread sheet!
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Average Call Center Work

Don't go in expecting that there won't be pressure. There will be a lot of it. The numbers matter. Management will be all over you. Your calls with customers are recorded and used against you, even though they claim its for training.


Pay, benefits, schedule


Management, customers
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Micro managing

Don't be a sheep. This company has a great benefit program and has a great employee discount. But be prepared to be micro managed and make sure you hit their ever changing metric commission standards or you won't get paid.
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Good people to work with in a professional environment

I enjoyed my time at Verizon Wireless, My manager was professional and maintained a "no drama" environment. The pay was commensurate with the responsibilities and difficulty of the job. Overall at good company to work for.
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Pretty Solid

Management is helpful and always pushes you to be great. Just be willing to learn and it’ll take you far. Verizon has great benefits. Sales targets continue to increase making it harder to hit quota.
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Okay place but no real need to work extra hard

Once everything switched to a team based commission it really killed everyone's drive not to mention everyone's pay... Drastically as in on average making 30% less monthly


Cheap phone bill


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Not a bad environment

I did enjoy my time at a Verizon retail store. My managers were very cool and understanding. When my grandmother passed, they allowed me two weeks off to deal with everything. The pay was also quite good for where I lived.
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Flexible Work Schedule

I worked in the Damage Claims Recovery Department for about 4 months. Verizon might be a great company but the department I worked in became a toxic work environment. Overall, management is not great and there was a lack of poor training. There was no clear vision or end goal as to what was needed to be accomplished. No, I wouldn’t recommend this company to a friend or anyone. It’s really important for me to be around people who love their job and believe in the mission of the company.


Work from home


Micromanaged and Lack of Communication
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Great company

Great managers from my experience. Training program is phenomenal. People are always willing to help. work life balance overall. Would recommend. Veteran friendly employer.
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Great place, depending on leadership & company agenda

Overall Verizon was a well rounded company to work for. Great benefits hands down was the best part. As with any major company, Verizon goes through restructuring just way to often. Plus, no one at the top of course gets the axe, everyone else towards the bottom is let go while upper leadership gets rewards for "saving the company money" so here's your bonus. I rarely believed half of what a leader would say, all fluff and no realism, basically what shareholders want to hear. You can progress within the company, but it can come down to who you know or who knows you. Some people are allowed to operate outside of what is allowed... But overall, the benefits, 401k, & work-life balance was great.


Cafeteria at Irving office, great pay, benefits, 401k


Overpriced food at cafeteria that's eh, "Get the sales" mentality no matter what from some leaders. Goes against corporate credo.
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Fun work place but no work life balance

I have been working for Verizon Wireless for 7 years and unfortunately the company has been slashing our commissions drastically from 5 years ago. When I first started I used to make in commissions about 4500 per month after they changed to a group structure I take home only 1000 and after taxes is more like 600. The company has great benefits but is no longer lucrative for me so I'm looking into other companies where I have the opportunity to control my own money.
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