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Ser rapido y ayudar compañeros del trabajo para tener un ambiente fluido y los clientes se sientes agusto
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It has a juke box

It's a job or a passion. Period. Great staff usually. Just bucket up if your overnight. It can be tiresome and honestly you just want to leave but the money is good. Put five dollars in the juke and play what you want to hear and maybe a costumer that you like. It helps.
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Good place to work

I had a lot of fun working here it was fun and taught me a lot the team u work with become really close working at Waffle House is a great experience for anyone
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Not for long term job. Work life balance don’t exist

It depends who run the market. I had horrible experience after 6 years. Pay well but everything that come with is not worth. Constantly stressing situations. Calls during the night. Going to work in the middle of the night. No family time or respect for personal time. Two faced upper management.
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Good culture and career stability

I was with Waffle House about 3 years. Although my career went in a different direction, they were a great company to work for. They had a good company culture, are debt-free. and very stable. The downside is the stressful (at times) work environment. If you're willing to work hard though, it's a great company with opportunity to advance.
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It’s nice sometimes talking to customers

I’ve been at Waffle House for 15 years straight this time.In years past they didn’t pay that well.This time I’m getting paid pretty nice. I’m an assistant manager I work 5-10 hour shifts I’m getting a bonus of $2 more per hour which I’m making $17.50 per hour plus when I cook $500 I get an additional.50 cents an hour when I cook $1000 I get $1.00 per hour more and for every $500 I get an extra.50 per hour I can’t start another job making what I make now.Last week I made $20.50 per hour which is good money if I get another job I’ve got to make more than what I’m making now
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productive, friendly environment

Good place to work overall ! Excellent staff & management. The pay is overall good depending on the shift you work . The customers are nice & most of them are regulars
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Don’t work there

It’s sucks I will never work there again Pay sucks tips suckManagement doesn’t care to alternate tables so we can make decent tips bc some tables make more than others bc the customers prefer to sit in certain tables
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the sorry work ethic

i worked over 20 years for them and anybody with a year with them made the same as me....not a career...no worthy insurance and management will promise you the world
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Cleaning cooking

Great company to work for great place to grow with little education I enjoyed my time there and will work par-time even they work around your schedule
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Easy but poor management

The work was easy but the store manager would call me in on days off, then punish me for going in. It also took 3 weeks to get help setting up direct deposit.
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Hard work good money

They give you hours you can make money but if your a server is the only place you have to bus your own tables and was all your own dishes not just yours everyone who eats sometimes if the other servers don't pull their weight
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It sucks

Hated working for WH, no advancement, ppl are messy, you work hard for the money made. Noone does their complete job. I loved the crew and clients but bump them people
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Fun and exciting job

Waffle house is a life of its own. Fun exciting, mentally challenging. But servers are done very wrong. They definitely treasure their cooks, but do little to help servers. But so much good is in this job we stay. Hours are totally flexible understanding managers, it's a vibe...


Flexible hours, bacon, fun environment, breaks as needed, vacation


Servers are not paid no where what they deserve.
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The ability to give quality customer service.

A typical day at Waffle House is exciting and rewarding professionally, mentally, and spiritually. The clients were cultural assimilations, blending the heritage of distinct ethnic groups. One can meet people from all walks of life. The store is generally a fast pasted environment, especially during the morning shift. As an assistant manager, I am expected to multitask while performing several duties. The first responsibility is greeting customers and correctly reading each waitress and/or waiter's ticket. Expeditiously delivering each order in a professional presentation. Receiving various deliveries, checking shipping manifest, and properly stocking each item. Keeping an updated inventory based on needs. Working together as a team is a must. One of the most rewarding was witnessing and hearing how our team had helped make the day for those we served.
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The company only uses you to hit their goals

At Waffle House I worked 9 pm to 7 pm 7 days a week and you can’t get a day shift unless you have been there a while depending on location you may or may not make tips


Weekends tips are great


Overworked for 2.15 an hr
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Room for growth

You come to work there so shy and when you leave your not afraid of anything. There’s always room for growth and to move up quickly if you work hard. You find a place we’re you truly feel apart of because everyone there has a story.
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stressful, management is disrespectful and cant handle the work load and take it out on employees

busy, make good money but the management is awful, rude, disrespectful and take it out on the employees that they have to do there job and all the employees complain about each other
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Fun workplace

Loved working with the servers and cooks! Mangers we’re flexible with schedule especially if you were in school or worked another job. Training was fun and knowledgeable. Get food at a nice discounted price.
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Ok place to work if your in high school or have no children and little responsibilities

Not many good tips, only see money during the morning shift. Manager was smart and often said remarks that shouldn’t be made. Overall I wouldn’t work here again because the pay wasn’t good a lot of running for very little tips
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Don’t apply it’s sucks you right back to Waffle House as soon as you quit

I wouldn’t recommend anyone and not only that I wouldn’t even want my worst enemy to work there bc they give you way to many hours with out talking to you first also if you wanted nights then they would give you days. Also the pay is so bad especially if you have had a really slow day you pretty much made enough just to put gas in your car to go home and back to work before your out of gas.
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