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Need to stop cutting hours, not the same company that I started working with years ago.

It is not the same as it was 8 years ago. The company doesn't take care of employees such as training fully, and having enough people working anymore. Too busy buying out other pharmacies.
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Could be better

Pay is decent but when it comes to being short staffed or dealing with call offs, you are expected to stay to keep the store open. All bonuses, raises and incentives are given to pharmacy first instead of the front end team members and managers.
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Too many changes

The company used to be good. They have eliminated too many positions changed the titles and lowered the pay. Schedule is flexible but it all depends on the manager you have
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Very diverse

It depends on the managers you have. You might have a group of strict managers or a group of laidback managers. Most of them are very understanding but the pay could be better
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Bad work environment

Underpaid . Management doesn’t train properly. Need a better work life balance . Hopefully big corporations will pay us people more money to combat inflation
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Stressful situations and customers 24/7 with long breaks in between

Customers are half rude half nice, most of the time people will have a problem with something out of our control such as a problem with their prescription or insurance and due to their lack of knowledge will blame us for it and get angry. They have poor shot requirements as well, I remember we had a shot apt every 10 minutes for covid shots so this isn't including the shingles shot or anything like that. As everyone should know a shot apt takes longer than 20 mins so now on top of that and other walk-ins we have all of our other responsibilities like counting prescriptions and having people coming in to pick them up/making calls ect. Overall my managers at my store were pretty cool and as long as you got your work done and weren't an idiot everything was fine but the corporate decisions are always all over the place and things constantly change every day so you always have to be on your toes 24/7 which leads to alot of stress. tldr This job is not worth it unless you have a clear passion for the health industry.
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Okay place to work

It was an okay place to learn to be a technician before they came out with the rxom role. Placed unqualified, immature technician into position and changed the entire environment of the pharmacy.
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Fast paced

So much stress working here with metrics and hours cut. Many tech left for the same reason more work less pay. So as pharmacists, they are leaving left and righf
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4 star

Good place to remain comfortable and communicate with decent people. The workplace had a good attitude and everyone really just wanted to be as efficient as possible.
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Avoid avoid avoid

Just NO. Corporate seems to sit around and think of new ways to stress their already overly stressed employees. Amazing turn over rate. Metrics are a waste of valuable time. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT SO STOP ENCOURAGING/REWARDING THAT TYPE OF BEHAVIOR.
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The pay is good

Pays good but drama a lot of tasks to do so you gotta be able to multitask keep up with your hours and do your work. Take your breaks Other thank that it’s good place to work.
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Enjoyable staff

Didn’t hold people accountable. Some people would come in late and not get in trouble, others would miss shifts and not be reprimanded. While those who worked were not rewarded but held to a even hire standard that if not met were treated poorly.
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Location Matters

Some managers are great while some are awful and lazy. It really matters where you go. I would feel better about Walgreens if I didn't move and transfer to a different store. The pay is also low for the amount of work they want done for managers and pharmacy staff. They seem to only care for numbers on paper instead of what matters.
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Horrible Place

Pay is ok. Management might as well be nonexistent. Work environment is horrible. Too many varying shifts. You do the exact same thing every week. There is no variation to the tasks. I don't use my brain at all since the tasks are so mundane.
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Fast paced

Not enough time to get training. Coworkers are nice and the store is well taken care of. People training move too fast and expect you to know things pretty quick.
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Don't get paid enough

Just remember, everyone is replaceable. Do not give your friends and family your discount. You will be fired. No one will ever have your back and they do not train properly.
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Productive and fun employees

Great culture great managers. Lots of work to do on a day to day basis, but nothing too bad. Only downside is working truck-days (unloading trucks for deliveries; pretty tiring)
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11 agosto 2022
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It was fine

It was fine working here. Being a CSA you basically work at the register. If you are to work at Walgreens, apply as a shift lead because you make more money, don’t have to have experience, and can basically boss over the CSAs you’re entire shift and make more money than them even if you’ve worked at Walgreens for less time.
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The customers are what made it a nice workplace. That is pretty much all I would have to say about it. I felt that the employees were very cliquish and selective.
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Great company

Great company to work for. Great pay. Great management.When you drive far for work, you get reimbused for mileage.Big company so everything is per policy .
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